Company Vision Statement

To be the most prefered supplier of high quality engineering products and solutions at very competetive prices with an after sales support service.

Mission Statement
We strive to meet the needs of the locomotive industry in a one stop shop to provide our customers with expert advise free of charge on various industry related problems.We hope to give our customers a value added virtual service at all times.We will be onsite with you at all times,most importantly we are here to provide you with solutions rather than selling you products.

Company Slogan

"We love to serve you"

We have been in business for 10 years during which we have gained experience in sales,marketing and servicing and repairs.

Products and services

1) All types of tools (pneumatic) ,machinery,fume extraction equipment and locomotive components.

2) P.P.E Safety shoes and clothing

3) Fire equipment,signs and servicing 

4) Tool,die and jig making 

5) Engineering with ISO9000 Standards

6) Providing the industry with innovative engineering ideas and techniques 

7) Providing transportation

What makes us different?

Our primary focus is to streamline businesses to concentrate on their core business activities rather than channeling their efforts and energy in an unproductive manner.We will advice free of charge on acquiring different products.Our pure motive is to provide you with the best so that we both grow hand in hand in making our business run effectively. A fast efficient reliable service at all times.

We love to serve you